Tour Photography

FROM INSIDE " A Winter Without You" UK Tour [2019]

A few weeks ago I was tagged in a post on FROM INSIDE’s Facebook page; It stated they needed a tour photographer at short notice, after applying and a stressful few hours of reorganising things I was going on MY FIRST TOUR (I was a little excited).

That night I didn’t sleep well as I was “flapping” what I needed to pack and what equipment to take with me on the road, luckily for me my pick up wasn’t till 1/2pm so I did managed to get a quick nap in before loading up into the Van.


Now it was time to drive from Birmingham to Southhampton for the first show. We were slightly behind on time but we made it, loaded in and set up and was ready to rock within a few hours of being at the venue.

Also this was my first time seeing FROM INSIDE live and hearing their music so knowing how they moved on stage to each track, how the audience responded to each track I was going to have to learn very quickly in order to get the shots.


The next day we drove from Southampton to Brighton; Unfortunately it was Brighton’s Tattoo Convention and the weather was beautiful so every Tom, Dick and Harry was out and the traffic was horrendous. Once loaded into the venue we all went off around the town to explore; Now the last time I visited Brighton was in 2016 to see Ruby Rose do a DJ set which she cancelled on the day (Insert sad face here) but I’ve always loved Brighton so I was super happy to be back. We visited the Brighton Pier to try and do some photos but it was too busy and decided we’d go back later on to do a photoshoot when less people were around.

We took a trip to The Royal Pavilion to do a shoot outside of there instead and found out it was built as a seaside pleasure palace for King George IV.

The venue was situated above a bar and it was packed and in-between change overs people were having to go outside for a breather because it was getting hot up in there. After the show we then had a two hour drive to Reading to the place where we were staying for the night and I couldn’t wait to get some sleep after an eventful day.


The next day after having a beautiful lunch cooked for us by Sarah we headed to Cardiff. To my excitement when we arrived the venue was a five minute walk around the corner from the Rugby ground that England VS Wales played the day before so I felt like a five year old at Christmas. (Yes, i’m a huge rugby fan).

Now by the time we arrived and loaded in we were all starving and luckily for us there was a Wetherspoons right next door. 80% of us ordered food from there and that in itself was a bad idea, we all pretty much felt sick after eating but as far as I’m aware no one threw up; we all just felt terrible.

The gig went really well with people stood down the front head banging along and just immersing themselves in the music.

(Side Note: Weatherspoons do you call it “Spoons” or “Weathers”)


We stayed over in Liverpool the night before so we only had a short journey to Manchester for the final night of the Tour. We arrived at the Peer Hat, sound checked then hung out with friends and family while the other bands played. As a lot of the bands Family and friends had travelled to Manchester to see the show as this was the nearest “Home Town” show.

While the band hung out before the show I went off to meet fellow photographer Samantha Guess and got myself pretty much “kicked out” of Starbucks; No I didn’t do anything wrong!!! The member of staff just decided to direct what she was saying solely at me “telling me she was closing up and I needed to leave” so everyone else could have stayed she didn’t tell them. (Laughs)

Again the show ended on a high with loads of support from everyone that came to watch; many stayed around once the show had finished to grab “selfies” with the band and converse with them.


Finally I’d just like to say a massive Thank You to FROM INSIDE for taking me out on my first tour and being so welcoming. I had a real fun time out on the road and learnt a lot in those few days and I can’t wait to hit the road with you guys again and watch you all grow as a band.