So as previously mentioned in my Blog about Chapel; It’s the 30th January and I’m catching the train up to Nottingham to attending The Faim’s first UK headline tour with support from Chapel and Halflives; But this week in the UK we’re experiencing freezing cold temperatures from the Arctic air current changing direction or something like that. I soon found out that this didn’t stop hundreds of people turning up to Bodega in Nottingham to stand outside in the freezing temperatures to attend the show.

Now if you’ve never been The Bodega, downstairs is a bar area and an outside court area decorated with sweeping fairy lights and the gig venue is upstairs. So once I arrived I took a seat in the bar area out of the cold while I waited for Linda from Halflives to meet me for a little portrait session. Now there wasn’t many places to shoot and it wasn’t long before the show was due to started so we used various areas within the venue for a backdrop and thank you image stabilisation because I was worried my images were going to be slightly blurred due to my slight shaking from the cold! (Yes, it was that cold) but i’m happy with the results and thank you to Linda, who was a pleasure to shoot.



The following week was the Birmingham show at the Academy 3. The photo pit was full of friends and it was wonderful to catch up with Mac (again), Sarah, Eleanor and Val and just have a laugh in-between sets.

Also I was looking forward to shooting at the venue because I knew they had a barrier (YASSSS!) As I wasn’t personally happy with the live images I took in Nottingham even though I enjoyed the challenge of it; I just knew i could do better and achieve better images.



The following day I caught the train down to London and nearly went the wrong venue as there had been a venue upgrade and it slipped my mind for a second but I managed to find The Garage and it was pretty straight forward to get too once I figured out where I was going. I stood outside the venue for a while talking to everyone outside and I met some absolutely lovely people and Thank you for the company and Hot Chocolate it was defiantly needed with how cold it was out there.



Once inside I prepped my gear and waited for Halflives to take to the stage; I knew tonight I could only shoot the first two songs of their set due to having to head backstage to shoot something else, so the pressure was on to captured what I wanted within those two songs and safe to say I’m more then happy with the results.

Getting shoot and spend time with the individuals on this tour has been a real experience and an absolute pleasure and I can’t wait for our paths to cross again.

Half Alive
Lone Wolf