Once out of the cold and inside the venue I quickly discover there was going to be shooting restrictions (I’d never shot in this venue before) as there was no barrier and the room was already half full and it was pretty tight in there already and doors had only just opened, but thankfully the fans were absolutely wonderful and offered me a place as close to the stage as possible for me to capture the evening.

I managed to squeeze myself in-front of the stack of speakers to the left hand side of the stage which was't ideal but sometimes you’ve got to work with the area your in and the restrictions that come with it but due to this factor most of my images that night were solely of Sam and Josh as I couldn’t get myself into a better position or switch lenses to capture Stevie and Linden who were across the other side of the stage and further back (Linden).

Once again I can’t thank enough how kind the fans were to allow me to stand in-front of them, too take their place to capture the shots I needed without me having to ask “excuse me can I stand there for a minute” by far the most friendly and supportive fans I’ve encountered yet! Also Thank you to the lovely employees working the bar upstairs as there wasn’t a cloak room which meant no where to store my coat or my bag containing all the photography equipment and they were kind enough to store it behind the bar in the back room for me to keep it safe till the end of the night.



As previously mentioned in my Chapel and Halflives Blog I attended the Birmingham show at the Academy 3 the following week and The photo pit was full of friends and it was wonderful to catch up with Mac (again), Sarah, Eleanor and Val and just have a laugh in-between sets. Even when we had finished our photo duties for the evening it was great to just hang out, watch The Faim and just enjoyed the performance they were giving.




The following day I caught the train down to London and nearly went the wrong venue as not only did The Faim sell out their first headline show, they sold out The Garage after a venue change from The Underworld and this is why I very nearly headed to the wrong place.

As the time approached for The Faim to take to the stage the atmosphere in that room was already at a high and I didn’t think it could get any higher but it did! As they all took to the stage there was some sound issues during the first song, technical problems causing the sound to cut in/out, to which the crowd just sang louder while the boys continued to rock and the audience didn’t seem fazed by the issue.

The sound issues where resolved and the rest of the night flowed as it should; It’s hard to describe how it felt in that room that night, the participation from the audience was there without guidance (you could tell a few of these people had been to more then one show), the atmosphere and energy in the room was at an all time high in my opinion compared too the previous two gigs I covered London really raised the bar.

I have so much love and respect for these guys and I don’t think it will be long before they’re playing arenas and I can’t wait to see that happen for them.




Saints Of The Sinners
My Heart
When It Comes
Midland Line
Where The River Runs
A Milions Stars
I Can Feel You
Make Believe

Summer Is A Curse