FROM INSIDE " A Winter Without You" UK Tour Part Two [2019]

It’s the first night of the second leg of this tour and we were off to the Fox & Newt in Leeds. Once we arrived parking was an issue so we were having to be vigilant on making sure we wasn’t ticketed and it wasn’t too long before someone shouted “Ticket Guy” lucky enough they skipped passed our van and got someone else.

 Whilst the guys were finishing off sound check I headed out to get some food with an old school friend who I hadn’t seen in eight years.

 (EIGHT YEARS! don’t time fly) before returning to get back on my photo duties.  

 Leeds ended up being an eventful night for once reason or another and will defiantly be remember.



The following day we drove from Liverpool to Leicester to perform at The Vault. Now this was my first time in this venue and quirky is defiantly a word that could be used for this venue; it was right up my street.

Leicester personally for me ended up being the best show of tour, the audience were super into it and it pushed the boys to give it there all that little bit more; the room was buzzing off the energy. Once the show was over loads of people stayed behind to chat and have photos before all piling into the nightclub event they had on and what a throw back that was with some classic tunes from the 90’s, early 00’s. 

Which then inspire the music on the way to our hotel. “PARTY IN THE VAN” even Ben P was lucky enough to get a dance off Booth. (I’m sure you’ve seen the videos on Instagram stories)


Now our hotel was only about a 1hr and half drive away from London so we got there early and loaded in so we could spend the afternoon around Camden. Whilst going around the markets someone tried to rob something out of Georges bag, lucky they didn’t get anything as Bradley caught them trying too.

We spent a good proportion of time walking around trying to decided what food to try, a good percentage ended up getting Chinese; which ended up just being super greasy noodles and most of it went in the bin. I wasn’t feeling great that day so once back at the venue I took up residency on the venue floor sprawled out eating chips from Burger King. 

The show went well evening though we were cutting it close to curfew. Now that’s it the end of tour and end of an era with the band but be ready, be excited for the new music and ventures that are too come