It’s the 30th January and I’m catching the train up to Nottingham to attending The Faim’s first UK headline tour with support from Chapel and Halflives; But this week in the UK we’re experiencing freezing cold temperatures from the Arctic air current changing direction or something like that. I soon found out that this didn’t stop hundreds of people turning up to Bodega in Nottingham to stand outside in the freezing temperatures to attend the show.

Once inside the venue I quickly discover there was going to be shooting restrictions (I’d never shot in this venue before) as there was no barrier and the room was already half full and it was pretty tight in there, but thankfully the fans were absolutely wonderful and offered me a place as close to the stage as possible for me to capture the evening.



This was my first time seeing Chapel live and I didn’t know what to expect; I very briefly spoke to Kortney while she was stood side stage as I wanted to check I could shoot onstage for a better shooting point; You can see a small selection of those photos above.



The following week was the Birmingham show at the Academy 3. The photo pit was full of friends and it was wonderful to catch up and seem them and just have a laugh in-between sets.

The following day I caught the train down to London and nearly went the wrong venue as there had been a venue upgrade and it slipped my mind for a second but I managed to find The Garage. I stood outside for a while talking to everyone outside and I met some absolutely lovely people and Thank you for the company and Hot Chocolate it was defiantly needed with how cold it was out there.

Once inside I prepped my gear and got ready to shoot Halflives before heading backstage to shoot portraits with Chapel and document the backstage experience. Once show time hit I couldn’t believe how alive the place was; I took a quick moment to look out at the crowd as I was crouched down behind Kortney’s drum kit changing lenses; the crowds response and the energy in that room was on another level compared to the previous shows I had attended the bar really had been raised, it was such an energetic show and everyone could feel it.

It was an amazing experience and I’ve gained some very talented and amazing friends along with plenty of memories. I hope the Europe run of the tour goes well and I personally can’t wait to hear new music from them.